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Logo design and animation for artist management agency Heartfelt Management by Yvonne Hartmann


Being a musician, you pour your heart and soul into creating beautiful music that resonates with your audience. Your music is your art, and you want people to connect with it on a deeper level. 

In today’s music industry, branding has become an essential aspect of a musician’s success. A good branding creates a unique identity that distinguishes you from other musicians in the industry and makes you visible for your audience and collaboration partners. 

Based on the three pillars Brand Definition, Brand Alignment and Brand Building, my online course and masterclass SONIC IDENTITY are aimed to help artists create a cohesive and authentic visual language in order to become more visible to their audience and take their career to the next level

I will show you how to define your values, purpose and tone of voice, how to implement it in different areas of your daily workflow as an artist and how to find ways to keep telling your story across media. You will have access to video content, a workbook, weekly feedback calls (in group), a 1:1 coaching session, and a community to inspire and support each other.

There will be four masterclasses every year. In order to give everyone the best coaching experience possible, each masterclass will be limited to 10 seats.

Make sure you get notified about the next masterclass launch and sign up for my mailing list. Additionally you will receive monthly tips, inspiration and more.

If you don’t want to wait or prefer 1:1 coaching, please drop me an email for more information and rates. 


Define your core statement and tone of voice based on core values, strengths, purpose, etc.

Brand Alignment

Translating your tone of voice into different areas of your business as an artist

Brand Building

Building and growing your brand with authentic cross-media storytelling


I currently offer limited hours per month of paid consultation sessions. Focusing on your current or future visual branding, I provide feedback, advice and tips that help you translate your values and personality into a cohesive visual language. Pricing: 120€ + VAT (if applicable) per hour.