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Visual corporate identity including logo design, corporate typography, color palette as well as stationery and press shots for Hamburg-based composer and producer Florian Tessloff.


His multi-genre compositions include soundtracks for renowned films and award-winning TV productions.

Regularly working out of Los Angeles, Tessloff has been working with Oscar nominated film composers Mark Isham and David Newman on award-winning productions.


The logo aims to reflect the versatile and innovative character of Tessloff’s music, without neglecting the noisy signature he adds to his work.


The logo mark, in an abstract way, represents a combination of the artist’s initials “f” and “t” while also making reference to a clef. The combination of round vs edgy shapes, symmetry vs asymmetry and the color grading represent the experimental and profound, yet consistent nature of the artist and his work.



logo design, brand colours, brand typography, letter head design, press shots


profoundness, creativity, innovation, growth, compassion