Yvonne Hartmann,
Art Director and Photographer for Visual Branding.

As an art director and photographer my work is focussed on visual branding within the music industry.

Having worked for over seven years as a Senior Graphic Designer at Native Instruments, I helped creating contemporary, state-of-the-art branding that matched the futuristic and forward-thinking digital technology that the company is so synonymous for. Away from the office, I took to the field to blow-up my photography portfolio, following the likes of Bon Iver on the road, in addition to shooting with Carl Craig, Garbage, amongst others. 

Eventually moving on from Native Instruments, I expanded into the world of artist branding, establishing my own business that helps musicians develop their own creative identities, and release campaigns.

My growing portfolio includes international artists and companies such as Bon Iver, Viktor Orri Árnason, Beatport and iMusician. My photographic work has been featured in Crack Magazine, Musikexpress and other local magazines.

As co-founder of MusiCoWomen, I established a network to help empower women and gender non-binary people working in the industry and change the status quo to a more equal and diverse industry landscape, through events, online courses and networks.