Portrait of Yvonne Hartmann by Jana Legler

Yvonne Hartmann
Designer + Photographer

I’m a Berlin-based photographer, graphic designer, and art director. For several years now I have been at the forefront of music, tech, and design, while also contributing work for print and online projects within the fashion and travel sectors.
Within the world of corporate design, I’ve worked with several clients to help craft their brand identity, design logos, and create their overall look-and-feel.
Across my seven years as a Senior Graphic Designer within the marketing department of Native Instruments, I created the visual language and identity for many of the company’s leading products and helped shape the company’s corporate style and campaigns. I also functioned as one of their in-house photographers.
Speaking of photography….
I work for artists, festivals, promoters, labels, brands, and have been published by the likes of Crack Magazine, Musikexpress, MUSIKMUSSMIT, and Lola Magazine. I am disciplined in the fields of live, portrait, studio, and landscape photography.
Clients include:

For more info about my experience and additional work samples check my portfolio.

Photo by Jana Legler

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