Authentic Branding for a Professional Look

With many years of experience in the music industry and a passion for visual storytelling, I help artists
and companies to develop authentic visual identities and campaigns from definition to execution and hence increase their visibility.

Let’s talk about your project!

Your Story Told Across Media

With a background in marketing and a love for detail, I implement concepts and messages coherently across media.
Whether logo, poster, album cover, press shots, Spotify canvas, lyric videos or complete campaigns –
with a feeling for the essence of each individual project, I create an authentic look to increase your visibility for fans and industry partners.

NOSOYO - Loud and Shameless cover art by Yvonne Hartmann

Album release campaign for NOSOYO

Viktor Orri Arnason - Eilífur album release campaign by Yvonne Hartmann

Album release campaign for Viktor O. Árnason

CD Packaging Design for "The Other Side" Album Release

Album release campaign for Sean Della Croce a


Visual branding for a music duo

Album sleeve design by Yvonne Hartmann for Donata's Imaginary Land

Album release campaign for Donata

Campaign design for Viktor Orri Àrnason's album release "Myrkvi" by Yvonne Hartmann

Album release campaign for Viktor O. Árnason


Visual branding for a music artist / producer

Logo and merchandise design for music producer INK ELEMENT by Yvonne Hartmann

Visual branding for electronic music producer

Sticker design for the community MusiCoWomen by Yvonne Hartmann

Visual branding for a music community


Yvonne absolutely has the skills and the experience to get your brand to the next level. For me as a musician it was amazing to work with someone who is specialized on developing and creating a visual identity for artists including colors, tone of voice, photographs, logo and fonts - the results were very unique and so beautiful!


I have now completed 2 projects with Yvonne and I can say that I am extremely satisfied with your work! She created my complete corporate identity and took a lot of time for consultations and interim results. I am also very satisfied with the pictures from the photo shoot. She recently created an artist homepage for me that is perfectly matched to the CI that I have developed. I definitely want to continue working with Yvonne and HIGHLY recommend her!


Producer + Saxophone Player
I worked with Yvonne in several photographic project and it’s always been an absolute pleasure. She is professional and kind, easy to communicate with and with a clear vision that really adds up to the projects. The time frames were always respected for the editing and the communication has been easy and fluid - I can only recommend her.

Julim Rosa

Tattoo Artist


As an art director and photographer my work is focussed on visual branding within the music industry.

Having worked for over seven years as a Senior Graphic Designer at Native Instruments, I helped creating contemporary, state-of-the-art branding that matched the futuristic and forward-thinking digital technology that the company is so synonymous for.

Eventually moving on from Native Instruments, I expanded into the world of artist branding, establishing my own business to help musicians develop their own visual identities and release campaigns.

As co-founder of MusiCoWomen, I established a network to help empower women and gender non-binary people working in the industry and change the status quo to a more equal and diverse industry landscape, through events, online courses and networks.

My growing portfolio includes international artists and companies such as Bon IverViktor Orri ÁrnasonBeatport and iMusician. My photographic work has been featured in Crack MagazineMusikexpress and other local magazines.

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Art Direction
Research, concept and development.
Logo + corporate design, print, editorial, motion.
Press shots, events, portraits, editorial.